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5 Benefits IP-Based Phone Systems Give Call Centers


Toolbox just published an interesting article about the benefits VoIP give call centers:

Voice over IP (VoIP) services are no longer the new kid on the block when it comes to technological advancements, and this is obvious when looking at how many businesses have adopted these systems. The increased implementation of IP-based phone services is due to the numerous benefits companies have seen from their usage. If you look at call centers in specific, though, you’ll see a host of advantages that raise the question as to why anyone in this line of work wouldn’tutilize a VoIP system.

Reduced Employee Stress

One of the biggest problems a company experiences is stressed-out employees. If a worker is upset or stressed, their work is going to suffer. Fortunately, VoIP services come with tools that reduce this stress. Automated call distributors, for instance, can route calls to employees who are caught up with their work instead of piling on an additional call to a worker who’s still trying to figure out the last.

Additionally, you can have a VoIP network equipped with interactive voice response systems. This reduces the number of unnecessary calls an employee gets. When an automated system can pinpoint exactly who a customer needs to talk to, workers won’t get bogged down redirecting and transferring calls.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Every single call that comes into a call center is a make-or-break experience. The call either ends with a satisfied customer or an angry one; rarely is there middle ground. Fortunately, the aforementioned tools that reduce employee stress can also increase customer satisfaction.

Clients are more satisfied when workers aren’t making careless mistakes based on being stressed out, but that’s not where it ends. Additionally, callers are more quickly routed to the appropriate department. In some cases, such as making a payment, they can handle their own issue via an automated system. This greatly reduces hold times and it makes for a happier client.

Minimal Infrastructure Updating Costs

One of the biggest issues with traditional legacy phone systems is the fact they need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this requires uninstalling the outdated hardware and installing new equipment. This is of particular concern for call centers because they always need to have the most up-to-date telephony services.

Luckily, infrastructure updating costs can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether, through VoIP. IP-based systems can be integrated into already-existing phone lines, and since the entire network works through the Internet, no expensive hardware needs to be updated or replaced.

Long-Distance Charges Eliminated

One of the more easy-to-recognize benefits of VoIP, but often the most overlooked, is the elimination of long-distance call charges. While this may not seem like a huge deal for “solopreneurs” who use their own cell phone to handle business, it can result in huge savings for a call center.

Call centers don’t often get free long-distance calling like cell phone users. They can end up making hundreds of long-distance calls on any given day, and no telephone provider will want to take a loss on that amount of calls. Fortunately, VoIP services go directly through the Internet; and on the World Wide Web, there’s no such thing as “long distance.”

Expanding Company Without Expanding Office

If you own a business, your hope is probably that it will one day expand. Unfortunately for call centers, this often means investing in new property and having a new legacy phone system installed. With IP-based phone networks, though, this isn’t necessary. These systems can be set up so workers can telecommute from home, and if employees can do their job without coming into the office, it’s like having an additional call center without additional resources.

Although companies in all industries will see a variety of advantages in using VoIP services, call centers garner several distinct benefits that make an IP-based telephony system the only viable option. Failing to utilize these systems can prove costly, and since a company’s competition is likely already profiting from these networks, you’ll see that failing to evolve can turn disastrous in the long run.

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