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Basic Softphones

Great! Now all we need to know is which softphone is best for you.

2 – Please select from the options below

  • Free Setup
    Do not pay for the Software
  • Monthly Rental
    Pay only 3.60€ a month
  • No Support
    Softphone support not available
  • Standard Voice
    Limited Voice Codecs available
  • Softphones Available
    Zoiper / Sipco

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    • Softphone Setup
      Pay 34.50€ setup
    • Monthly Rental
      Pay 15.10€ a month
    • Support
      Assistance configuring your mobile softphone
    • HD Voice
      Deliver twice the sound quality than free softphones
    • Softphones Available
      Bria Stretto
    • Softphone Added Features
      Address Book, Multilanguage and more…

    I want thisI’m not sure, please help me

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