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Bria Stretto

Megacall introduces Bria Stretto

Bria Stretto is a VoIP softphone provisioning, messaging, collaboration and mobility experience enhancement platform that enables enterprises and service providers to build flexible solutions that meet their specific communication and user deployment requirements.

Key Features

  • Easy installation/configuration – simple username and password
  • Click2call compatibility (using browser extension)
  • Multi language – Choose the application language
  • Instant messages
  • Group chats
  • File Transfer – drag and drop files, images and documents
  • Video calls
  • Screen share
  • Address book – Easy outlook/csv import tool
  • Presence – Display to your team if you are available, busy, away, on the phone, do not disturb, or other custom status messages.
  • Sync Messaging Sync allows you to start a conversation on one device and pick it up on another; from Bria desktop to Bria mobile, conversations can be carried on seamlessly.

Download Softphone:

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