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voip features

5 Essential VoIP Features

VoIP system boost your business productivity VoIP systems allows businesses to manage customers in a professional manner. It also enables colleagues to communicate to one another from different locations in real-time. As a business grows, it’s inevitable… [+]


Boost your business productivity integrating your CRM with Megacall VoIP

Improving VoIP-CRM Integration Today more and more companies are beginning to use CRM systems. If your business uses VoIP system, it’s time to consider integrating it with customer relationship management (CRM) technology. If you can get the finer… [+]

voip system

Why does VoIP make sense for business?

VoIP systems make good sense for businesses Recent research finds that more than one-third of all businesses are now using a VoIP phone system. Many businesses switched from using traditional phone lines to VoIP systems, including… [+]

The importance of an effective customer service

It is important to provide a good customer service to all type of business No matter the size of your business, effective customer service needs be at the heart of your business model if you wish… [+]


Why small business and start-ups choose VoIP

Start-Ups and Small Business need VoIP Most companies in the world are small business and start-ups companies, places filled with enthusiasm, energy and new ideas. As Forbes has reported, 90 percent of startups fail, so to be… [+]

Call Recording

There are some reason why call recording are very useful. It ensures you have evidence if disputes or disagreements arise, helping to protect your business against litigation. It helps you with regulations, such as the… [+]

YourViva Interview

YourViva has been in business on the Costa del Sol for many, many years, and they have already helped over 13,500 people to find their perfect sunshine home. YourViva is one of our best clients and… [+]

VoIP and CRM integration

VoIP and CRM integration: a new step foward Today more and more companies are beginning to use customer relationship management system (CRM). If your company use a VoIP-based telephony it’s time to consider integrating it with CRM.… [+]

virtual switchboard

Virtual Switchboard: the better solutions for your business

Who benefits from Virtual Switchboard services? Everyone, no matter how small or large the business is. Virtual Switchboard systems have many benefits for businesses of all sizes Benefits Scalability: A virtual switchboard allow your communication requirements to… [+]

security VoIP

How to keep safe your business using a VoIP system

Interesting article from Toolbox about how to keep safe your business using a VoIP system: For companies that rely on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to communicate, a power failure or Internet outage can result… [+]

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