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Doing business internationally? Or thinking about it?

8×8, international company based on USA, just published an interesting article about the importance of expand your business internationally. Business today is global. Your customers are everywhere which makes providing a consistent customer experience that… [+]

Sip Trunking

How SIP Trunking Will Extend Your VoIP Telephony and UC Capabilities

Internet telephony—whether premise-based or in the cloud—is becoming the de facto standard for business communications, with VoIP leading the way. And unified communications (UC) is a major aspect of these enhanced phone systems as the… [+]

cloud Computing

7 Ways Cloud Computing Makes You Better at Your Job

Cloud computing is changing the way people do business. A study (PDF) earlier this year by Tata Communications found that most companies will have 58 percent of the data stored on the Cloud within the… [+]

End-User or Enterprise Benefits to the New IP

Andrew Coward discusses what the New IP means to end users or enterprise customers. He explains compelling reasons, including how every customer can get their own network, from the transformation to the New IP. Click… [+]


SIP Trunking Brings Business Phone Systems Up to Speed

3cx has made an interesting article about SIP Trunking: In a 2015 study by The Eastern Management Group, a marketing consulting and research company, 58 percent of organizations stated they were using SIP trunking, up 38… [+]

Hot Desking

Hot Desking is an innovative and flexible service which is changing the way businesses work worldwide and confirming once again the importance of VoIP telephony and working with a service like Megacall that takes it… [+]

SIP Trunking

How SIP Trunking Helps Companies Benefit From VoIP

With more companies opting to use VoIP as their means to make calls, they needed the means to transition their phone system into a more VoIP based communications. The answer to that has been Session… [+]


Telecom global services revenues will reach US$297bn by 2020

According to a new forecast from independent global analyst firm Ovum, telecom service providers will grow their revenues from global services to enterprise customers to more than US$297bn by 2020. The biggest contribution will come… [+]

sip trunking

What’s stopping the adoption of SIP Trunking?

The adoption of SIP Trunking SIP Trunking has been available and hyped for over a decade, but 80% of businesses still haven’t made the switch. The enterprise adoption of SIP Trunking has been gated by… [+]

call center software

Three Things to Look For When Selecting Your Call Center Software Provider

Picture this modern-day scenario: a longtime retail company has run its own call center since inception, but recently because of the escalating costs and the need to create a better customer experience, management is planning… [+]

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