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Benefits of VoIP CRM integration

Have you thought of integrating VoIP and CRM? If you do, you will soon see the benefits of this integration. A growing number of businesses are looking at VoIP’s productivity and efficiency benefits and are… [+]


Megacall expands in UK

Megacall has been supplying UK businesses with telecoms technology for over 8 years, whether it is with their Virtual Switchboard service to help you manage your calls more easily, predictive diallers helping to make your… [+]


Use your VoIP system to attract new clients

Nowadays, the telephone system will be crucial in achieving business success. This is where VoIP technology comes in; they have the potential to attract more clients for your business compared to the old traditional phone systems, offering… [+]

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How to make customers happy

If you can make life easier for your customers, they’ll love you for it. As your business starts to accelerate, maybe it’s time for you to pause and slow down for a minute. Ask yourself… [+]

Megacall Virtual Switchboard is the answer to your business communication challenges

Using a hosted switchboard (PBX) system can provide your business with the means to operate as any large organisation How a business communicates, both internally and with their clients, is crucial to its productivity and… [+]

Bronze Anniversary

Phoenix Solutions celebrate their 8 year bronze with you New clients 50% discount on first monthly invoice Recommend new clients 25% discount on next months’s invoice Don’t miss this great opportunity! Discounts available until 31 July

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5 Essential VoIP Features

VoIP system boost your business productivity VoIP systems allows businesses to manage customers in a professional manner. It also enables colleagues to communicate to one another from different locations in real-time. As a business grows, it’s inevitable… [+]


Boost your business productivity integrating your CRM with Megacall VoIP

Improving VoIP-CRM Integration Today more and more companies are beginning to use CRM systems. If your business uses VoIP system, it’s time to consider integrating it with customer relationship management (CRM) technology. If you can get the finer… [+]

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Why does VoIP make sense for business?

VoIP systems make good sense for businesses Recent research finds that more than one-third of all businesses are now using a VoIP phone system. Many businesses switched from using traditional phone lines to VoIP systems, including… [+]

The importance of an effective customer service

It is important to provide a good customer service to all type of business No matter the size of your business, effective customer service needs be at the heart of your business model if you wish… [+]

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