4 VoIP features that will make business landlines obsolete


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VoIP is increasing in popularity

Thanks to the convenience and cost savings offered by VoIP, most of businesses are saying goodbye to traditional landline services. The increased demand is creating trends that will force rapid improvement in available technologies, making VoIP the new standard in voice communications.

Enhanced Security: Increased demand for services have ensured VoIP providers offer better, robust and built-in security measures. This feature will benefit current VoIP users and will make the service more attractive to new customers.

Economic Benefits to Increased Users: Research firm Juniper estimates the number of VoIP users will surpass one billion in 2017. Therefore VoIP providers will look to enhance their services and become more competitive with pricing to gain their market share.

Mobile Advancements: As more businesses take advantage of mobile VoIP services, providers will continue to make advancements, allowing for unprecedented freedom in conducting business outside of the office environment.

Greater ERP Integration: VoIP allows for integration with many cloud applications, thus automating data collection from calls. As the need for integration capabilities increases, VoIP providers will develop innovations to meet the demand. This trend will allow for a level of data sharing and flexibility that is impossible to achieve with landlines.

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