Benefits of moving your Contact Centre to the Cloud


Contact Centre

The contact centre industry has gone through major shifts in recent years, building upon innovations that all accomplish a similar goal: the mission to improve customer interactions. In fact, two thirds of contact centres are now open to moving to the cloud, with a third actively planning their migration.

How do you know if the cloud is right for your call centre? Here are some reasons businesses are moving their contact centres to the cloud:

Greater security

Cloud-based contact center providers have invested a significant amount of resources to improving their security systems, often times with elaborate security protocols and best practices that on-premise contact centers may lack.

Flexible and scalable

As your business grows, you want your solutions to grow with you. Actual business growth can be hard to predict, so many businesses appreciate that a cloud contact center system can quickly increase capacity during busy periods. It’s easier to add agent licenses to your contact center in the cloud than on-premise.

CRM integration

A cloud contact center system makes CRM integration much simpler. Our cloud call centre solution – MegaDialer – come with out-of-the-box integration into popular CRM solutions.

Easier to manage remote agents

Having a cloud-based contact center solution allows you to hire and manage remote agents from anywhere in the globe, so long as they have a good internet connect.

Access to exclusive and advanced contact center features

Cloud can keep the pace with rapidly evolving technology trends in a way that on-premises systems can’t. Features such as our mobile number screening and dynamic number presentation give businesses a significant competitive advantage.


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