Mega SMS

At Megacall we have created a new platform for sending Professional SMS, which is addressed to all those companies that decide to use this method of communication to send certain information to their customers or carry out marketing campaigns.

Bulk SMS.
SMS Templates.
From any device.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, with the Megacall SMS platform, you can send messages to your customers easily and quickly from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, in the panel you can manage your users and see the reports of the messages.

Take advantage of the communication through SMS with your clients.

Bulk SMS

The platform also allows the sending of bulk SMS. It is as easy as uploading contacts in a CSV file. Then write your message or choose from the list of templates.

SMS Templates

You can create your own custom message templates so you can use them quickly and easily whenever you need to. Add the name and message, and save it. You will be able to select your template when sending an SMS.

Here´s How it Works


Access the platform with the username and password that we will provide once you have created your account for using the service.


Send the SMS very easily, since you can copy them directly from a document and insert links. In addition, you will know at all times how many characters you have left to continue writing.



You can create the users you need to send SMS.

In the Reports section you can see the outgoing messages and their delivery status.

How to start using the SMS sending platform?

If you want to start using our SMS service, please fill in the following form. We will contact you and explain everything in detail, so that you can start enjoying all its advantages as soon as possible.

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