The dialer improves call centres efficiency


dialer para call centres

Being in control of your fast moving business is essential especially with multiple projects so this will give you what you need to stay in control

The dialer connects already answered calls to agents, which cuts unnecessary waiting times and enables agents to spend more time talking to customers. Not only do dialers eradicate wasted time and effort, they help call centres deliver useful customer service experiences and eliminate the number of dropped calls. If you are a call centre and still do not utilize a dialer, here are a few reasons:

  • Compliance with legislation: Failure to comply with regulations can lead to serious consequences so it is important to choose a dialling mode that ensures compliance. In the UK, Ofcom has recently issued some big fines to companies who fail to protect their customers against ‘silent calls’ where the dialler system connects a call without having an agent ready to take that call.
  • Flexibility: A good system will have the ability to quickly make changes based on customer behaviour.
  • Multiple dialling modes: Predictive dialling comes with many benefits. However, preview and progressive dialling can be beneficial for some campaigns.
  • Statistics: Once the system is online and you have started to use it, you will be able to see the benefits to the business almost immediately because it is generating metrics and statistics that you can use for review and improvement.
  • Scalability: Cloud systems can be multi-tenanted and will have one version of the software that is accessible to everyone through a standard web browser. Within the cloud environment you have no need for the extra concern or responsibility of on-site infrastructure and architecture, it has built-in resilience and allows you to work from anywhere with internet connectivity.

With MegaDialer, contact centres can improve the efficiency of their telemarketing campaigns.



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