Choosing your SIP provider: make the right decision


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Digital transformation is changing how we communicate. SIP is a foundational voice protocol for this evolution and will remain relevant with the introduction of advances such as unified communications. SIP trunking it is a cost-effective and feature-rich business solution to expand communications networks. SIP providers aren’t all the same; they differ in the type, quality, and range of services they offer, as well as on pricing and support.

Choosing one can get confusing, however if you keep your eye on what’s important -quality of service, compatibility, security, and scalability- you will make the right decision. Don’t forget to make sure your provider offers the flexibility and functionality that a modern business needs.

Quality of Service

Reliability is the primary driver for using SIP. It’s important to select a provider with a solid Quality of Service record. Spotty, low-quality service will drive users, partners, and customers to distraction.


In old days, phone companies issued equipment to customers, but today, businesses can source handsets, IP phones and telephony services from a variety of providers. Make sure your provider can support existing equipment.


Your service must scale as your company grows. Even a local business can grow beyond its geographic borders, so if you have plans to grow, you’ll want support without a significant disturbance to business operations.

The right SIP provider will help you make sound decisions to prepare your communications network for the future.

Make the right choice with Megacall when choosing your telephone system.

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