Boost your business productivity integrating your CRM with Megacall VoIP



Improving VoIP-CRM Integration

Today more and more companies are beginning to use CRM systems. If your business uses VoIP system, it’s time to consider integrating it with customer relationship management (CRM) technology. If you can get the finer details right, the results might surprise you.

Companies which make a high volume of call need two important solutions: First is VoIP system which helps your company to achieve better communication while cutting costs, adding great features and increasing employees productivity. Second is CRM where all leads, client records and other customer-related information is stored. It enables a business to strengthen its customer service.

Megacall VoIP can be fully integrated with your CRM

The integration between your CRM and Megacall VoIP systems can bring you the following benefits:

  • Easy to use: Our specialists will work directly with you to come up with the perfect solution for your business
  • Integration: Megacall works to integrate its PBX service to run smoothly and smarter with your existing software making your life easier and more efficient
  • Flexibility: Our API integrates to all your programs and applications. No matter the programming language

Break your communications limits with Megacall


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