There are only a few years left before the ISDN switch off, which will affect Spain. In general, Europe and the world are in a process of change from analogue to digital or internet services.

At present, there are already more than 1,200 copper plants in Spain that are closed or in the process of being closed. It is expected that by 2025 the migration will be completed and the analogue networks can be switched off definitively. In the specific case of Spain, by 2023 all copper telephone exchanges are expected to be inoperative, so all voice communications will have to be over IP.

In order for you to know this change in depth and how it may affect your company’s communications, we are going to comment on the following contents:

  • What does ISDN mean?
  • Changing from ISDN lines to Voice IP
  • What are the alternatives to ISDN?


What does ISDN mean?

The acronym ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and refers to a standard network system for data transmission over copper telephone lines.

Different types of data can be sent over this communication line, including Internet data packets, voice data and signalling for connections.

This connection provides data transmission capabilities to users connected to an ISDN network. Different ISDN services are available. Mainly, an ISDN line provides bearer services, teleservices, and supplementary services. To provide these functions, an ISDN connection relies on two types of channels to perform its two basic functions. Specifically, an ISDN connection is intended to provide users with end-to-end data transmission and signalling capabilities to establish and carry out a data transfer or call.


Changing from ISDN lines to Voice IP

The main reason for changing ISDN lines to VoIP is that it is an outdated system, which does not allow certain connections to be made with the quality and speed that digital networks allow. Virtual lines are more modern and offer better features.

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The intention is for companies to switch to IP lines, a voice channel connected to a SIP device or switchboard thanks to a VoIP provider where calls are transmitted over the Internet. At Megacall we have been a VoIP provider for 12 years, with more than 16 international carries we get very competitive prices and we always make sure that the calls go out through the best provider at the best price.

What does ISDN mean

We are in a time of change and uncertainty, where companies are moving more than ever to work through digital channels, so it’s a good time to take this step before the ISDN network is completely shut down.

A digital line offers more advantages compared to ISDN when it comes to making video conferences, managing calls, increasing or decreasing the number of connections, and transferring calls between locations regardless of whether they are in the same city, country or even continent.


What are the alternatives to ISDN?

Switching from ISDN lines to voice over IP is not complicated. You simply need to make sure you have a good internet connection that supports the services offered by VoIP telephony. Nowadays due to fibre optics and the extensive telecommunications network that exists, it should not be a problem to have sufficient bandwidth in almost all territories.

On the other hand, you will need to have a virtual switchboard or a cloud phone system. The physical switchboard system (which uses the traditional telephone networks) needs to be replaced by a PBX (virtual switchboard that uses the internet network to send voice).

Some services offered by cloud-based communication are:

  • VoIP telephony systems: allows you to have as many extensions as you need, transfer, forwarding and recording of calls, music on hold, simultaneous calls, etc.
  • SIP Trunk: voice channels for national and/or international calls.
  • Virtual Numbers: get phone numbers from anywhere in the world.
  • Other software: allows the use of call centre software, sending bulk SMS, CRM integration, etc.


At Megacall we can help you make this migration to improve your communications and prevent you from suffering cuts when the final blackout occurs.





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