Megacall (trading as Phoenix Solutions S.L.) has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Onedirect


megacall onedirect

This agreement provides customers with a streamlined process when purchasing a complete VoIP phone solution. Neither company is a stranger to the other, as Onedirect uses the Megacall system at its European operations centre in Barcelona. This fresh partnership demonstrates how successful Megacall services are in Europe.

Phoenix Solutions S.L. was established in 2008 in Malaga (Spain) and launched the Megacall brand, aiming to provide customers with low-cost solutions to adapt to the business environment of the 21st century. Megacall has built its reputation on its high-quality product alongside excellent customer service; in fact, so confident that clients will love its product, Megacall has made the service completely contract-free.

Onedirect was established in 1999 in Perpignan (France) and is Europe’s No.1 supplier of telecommunications equipment. Now operating in seven European countries, they have over 4,000 products and accessories available for purchase. Also, 96% of orders are dispatched on the same day.

Tony Kauffer, the managing director of Megacall, has highlighted the synergy between the two companies as a key factor in arranging the partnership. Both have a wide range of international clients looking for a complete VoIP solution; therefore, combining their services is a logical yet exciting approach. Onedirect echoed this, stating that “our partnership with Megacall developed based on our own experience of their service, which we found to be excellent. The combination of our companies’ experience in both the hardware and software of VoIP phone systems makes our joint offering the most complete package on the market.”


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