At Megacall we are committed to improving the security of the IP phones of our clients and collaborators, as well as their maintenance and updating. That is why from now on we will use Yealink Auto-Provisioning Server in the latest IP phones models.

IP phones will be up to date in terms of security thanks to this new functionality. You will not need to worry about the access to your phone. It will be almost impossible to access your phone without permission and the installation process can be developed automatically and remotely, without having to provide access to your computer.

What are the benefits?



It is now possible to install the TLS certificate on the phone. This is a very secure method that consists of encrypting the connection between the phones and the PBX, so the communication between them will be secure.

Therefore, if someone attempts to brute-force the phone to discover the extension credentials it will be impossible without having the certificate key.

This new feature also allows us to change the password to access the web interface of the phone, as well as the credentials of the extension to authenticate and allow calls to connect. It is also necessary to highlight other internal configurations of the telephone that can be activated, such as the function of avoiding “Ghost calls”. This means stopping brute force attacks from inside the local network.


We will be able to reconfigure the phone remotely without having to ask permission to access the computers. Something that speeds up the task and reduces customer inconvenience.

In addition, we can restart, reset the phone to factory settings or change the phone settings from Yealink Auto-Provisioning Server. In this case, the client will not have to do anything on his side as long as the phone has access to the Internet.

One of the most important features is the possibility of keeping the phone firmware updated to the latest version. This will ensure the phones have the latest versions to resolve bugs and eliminate any security issues. All this can be done without having to access the phones.


How to update your IP phone?

If you already have any of the new Yealink models (see table below) then the update can be performed, since they are compatible with Yealink Auto-Provisioning Server.

We will need to know the serial number (SN) and the MAC Address of each phone individually and which is the Extension Line configured (if there are several extensions inside the same phone you must also specify this). The serial number and MAC address can be found on the phone’s box or at the back of the phone at the label.

Example; 1 extension per phone:

Extension 001:

  • SN: 111122222333344444555555
  • MAC: 00:15:65:22:11:00

Extension 002:

  • SN: 222223333344444455557777
  • MAC: 00:15:65:23:12:01

Example; 2 extension inside the same phone:

Extension 001, 002:

  • SN: 111122222333344444555555
  • MAC: 00:15:65:22:11:00

Compatible Yealink Models:

Phone Model Phone Model Phone Model
CP920 T41P T53W
CP960 T41S T54S
PVT950 T42G T55A
PVT980 T42S T56A
T19_E2 T42U T57W
T21_E2 T46G T58
T23P T46S VC200
T27G T48G VC500
T27P T48S VC800
T29G T57W VC880
T40G T52S VP59
T40P T53 W60B

If your IP phone is an old Yealink phone, then it is not possible to update it, since it does not allow the HTTPS protocol for provisioning (it only allows HTTP), which makes it a high risk for security because the communication between the phone and the virtual switchboard would not be encrypted. In this case, it is preferable to configure it manually (as we have been doing until now) and it also does not support the TLS certificate, so communication between the extension and the virtual switchboard cannot be encrypted.

Special price for customers

We want to help you have the latest IP phone version with all the security features. Contact now our team by clicking here to get a special discount for existing customers with old Yealink phones. You can check all the models available.

If you do not find what your current model is, contact our support team by clicking here.


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