SIP Trunking improves outsourcing


SIP Trunk mejora tus ventas

Location is no longer a limitation. Companies are now able to access their own cloud-hosted phone system from anywhere in the world and make and receive VoIP calls as long as they have an Internet connection. This is important as the modern working environment is moving towards a more flexible workforce.

Outsourcing sales

Manufacturers may outsource sales to distributors or contract sales teams based in local markets. SIP trunking can help manufacturers maintain efficient communication with their distributors by extending VoIP services to sales partners from the cloud. Because both parties are using the same network, calls between them are free.

Outsourced teams can send orders to manufacturers by phone, email, text, or instant message. VoIP’s Unified Messaging feature means that all communications go into a single inbox for processing and recording. Manufacturers can use VoIP’s broadcast features to release product information.

Extending call center operations

To gain full benefit from outsourced call centers and deliver a quality experience to customers, it’s essential to retain full control and streamline communications between the main call center and remote operations. Implementing SIP trunking gives call centers important advantages. These circuits carry video as well as data and voice traffic. That enables businesses to offer customers access to video or web conference calls in all remote centers. This is important for improving the customer experience.


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