The digital transformation has been key to the development and advancement of companies, both large and small, all of them rely heavily on technology to perform certain tasks and have more effective contact with their customers. In this post, we will address the technologies that improve the efficiency of your company.

Clients are the fundamental part for a company to survive, therefore, taking care of their attention is very important. That’s where the technologies that improve the efficiency of your company come in. In this case, we are going to talk about the virtual switchboard and what are the benefits it brings to a company.

More and more corporations are now using new business technologies due to the cost savings involved. A clear example is physical switchboards, which are becoming obsolete and give way to virtual ones. A virtual switchboard improves the efficiency of a company thanks to its ability to adapt and update the needs of each company.

Some of the reasons why numerous SMEs and large companies are implementing virtual telephony in their offices are the following:

Lower costs

The virtual switchboard is hosted in the cloud, so companies will simply need to have access to the internet. If we take into account the electricity bill, it can mean cuts because you only need the computer equipment you already have, phones and the router, but you will not have to bear the cost of maintaining a physical switchboard.

No maintenance costs

On the other hand, any infrastructure needs maintenance, otherwise, the switchboard could fail and the company may remain incommunicado. With a virtual switchboard, there is no such problem. As long as there is an internet connection there will be no inconvenience.

Without infrastructure

This feature is related to the previous points, as it also saves costs. The virtual switchboard, being hosted in the cloud, does not occupy any physical space, so you do not have to worry about having a place available in the office. Another advantage is that it is software that can be used immediately once implemented.

Productivity increase

The virtual switchboard is a technology that undoubtedly improves the efficiency of a company. It provides a more agile contact with customers, collaborators or suppliers, allowing employees to easily pass calls to the right person, and the client to be able to speak with the department they want without having to talk to several people before. Besides, it allows you to connect all offices without taking into account the country where they are located and employees can talk to each other for free.

In particular, using this type of software can help reduce the time between one call and another in a call center, thereby increasing the productivity of the team. All this is achieved using the previous or predictive dialling method.

Suitable for any company

As we have mentioned, the virtual switchboard is an online service, so it is scalable for any type of company and as many extensions as necessary can be established. Also, it is a very diverse telephone software and offers the possibility of adding many services such as call recording, music on hold, call conference, call transfer, mode do not disturb at certain times, automatic voice response, call forwarding, voicemail and much more.

If your company also needs to improve its efficiency through new digital technologies, do not hesitate to contact Megacall, we will advise you to get the most out of your communications.


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