Use Virtual Numbers for increasing productivity this summer


Aumenta la productividad este verano gracias a los Números Virtuales

Spending time away from the office will provide a refreshing break. However you will need to handle important business calls and Virtual Numbers can give your business national or international presence.

Call Forwarding

One way to avoid missing a crucial call is to set up Call Forwarding options: Auto Attendant, Virtual Attendant, Conference Hubs, time frames, voice mailbox, ring groups, extensions, company directory and more.  Once established, you can rest easy knowing that your calls will be handled properly.

Call Screening

Call screening technology is relatively straightforward. You will be able to use your work or personal phone to answer the call. This method will mask your cell phone number by only displaying your virtual number on outbound calls.  Unanswered calls will forward to your business voicemail with the option to send that voicemail to email or as a text transcription.

Voicemail Transcription

When you are working remotely, particularly somewhere on vacation, strong phone signal may be at a premium. Luckily, voicemail transcriptions can help clear up the parts of the voicemail message you have trouble understanding. Use emails and text messaging and you will be a to continue to keep up a solid pace even while you are relaxing.

Choose Megacall Virtual Numbers

Megacall can provide virtual numbers to clients giving them the opportunity to centralise their business in one location but give a presence in numerous locations. Our portfolio of phone numbers covers all continents and almost all major cities.


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