5 reasons to move your business phone to the Cloud


usar VoIP en tu empresa

Companies increasingly adopt collaborative communication solutions that bring together all the essential elements of business communications, including voice, messaging, videoconferencing and contact center, into a single easy-to-use solution. It is almost a near certainty that you have a company phone system already implemented within your business to operate in today’s world. But have you ever thought about taking your company phone system to the next level?

There are several reasons to take the phone systems for your business to the cloud. These reasons include:

Minimize Costs

A traditional telephone system usually has a considerable initial cost. These costs include servers, phones, network upgrades, and implementation costs. Cloud-based phone systems reduce the amount of expensive hardware that is needed to operate a traditional phone system. The hardware and software that powers a cloud-based phone system are held safely off-site at the phone system provider’s data centers. Your business will be able to save a ton of money by upgrading your company phone system to the cloud, the only capital expense is purchasing the IP phones. In addition, with a phone system in the Cloud, all features integrate natively into the system and cloud providers can offer all voice features for a single, transparent price, without any hidden fees.

Better utilize company resources

The current communications configuration in most offices requires two separate lines: one for voice and another for data. Moving your phone system to the Cloud allows you to consolidate those lines into a single network. Transmitting voice over your data line boosts traffic over that connection and better utilizes all that wasted capacity.

Access feature-rich options

A traditional phone system typically comes with a limited feature set. However, in the cloud you can access a wide range of business voice features. If you want to add or even scale back specific phone options to a cloud-based phone system, all you have to do is contact your phone provider and have it added to or subtracted from your package. Advanced phone features such as automatic attendants, voicemail options, conference calling and much more can be added within minutes rather than days, weeks or months at a fraction of the cost.

Integrate telephony with your applications and devices

This functionality includes integrations designed to improve customer interaction and simplify the operations of the call centre. Calls can be made directly from customer records. Customer service have a one-click connection to a customer while every piece of information about the customer is on screen. This helps you keep up with customer preferences and decisions, thereby improving future interactions with that customer.

Multiple locations

With a cloud phone system, you can centrally manage all your communications, regardless of their location, through a single browser-based portal. This allows the extension of calls, even between offices in different geographical locations.


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