Megacall Virtual Switchboard is the answer to your business communication challenges


centralita virtual

Using a hosted switchboard (PBX) system can provide your business with the means to operate as any large organisation

How a business communicates, both internally and with their clients, is crucial to its productivity and overall success. Which is why there’s an imperative to ensure your system is efficient, strong and flexible to meet the ever growing communication challenges. From a single person operation to small business or large enterprise, the move towards virtual PBX systems offers a range benefits that can have a significant improvement on your communication with your clients.

Nowadays, we often speak about the versatility and mobility of cloud applications. Building upon this technology, many businesses are growing fast and efficiently.

Megacall is a telecommunications company that understands how to make your business life more efficient:

  • Feature-rich and future-proof solutions
  • Low cost calls
  • Same day setup and NO contract required
  • As much or as little technical support as you wish

And… there are no contract penalties only happy clients


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