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VoIP and CRM integration: a new step foward

Today more and more companies are beginning to use customer relationship management system (CRM). If your company use a VoIP-based telephony it’s time to consider integrating it with CRM. If you can get the finer details right, the results might surprise you. Integrating VoIP and CRM seamlessly, your business can draw significant benefits.

Several companies that make a high volume of calls use two important solutions:

  1. CRM system where all leads, client records and other customer-related information is stored. It enables a business to strengthen its customer service and carefully monitor sales processes.
  2. VoIP is a great new technology that can help you achieve better communication while cutting costs and yet adding great features and functionality. Dependable, scalable and convenient.

Each of these systems delivers significant business benefits. But it’s a new wave of innovation that sees them working together which achieves the true value. 

Achieving seamless VoIP and CRM integration can bring you the following benefits:

  • Ability to make high-quality, personalized customer calls
  • Better handling of increased call volumes
  • Cost-effective customer communication
  • Easier call recordings and reduced data entry per call
  • Scalable, mobility-ready integrated customer management and communication system

Megacall VoIP can be fully integrated with any CRM. Just call us and our own development team with help you.

Sources: Hostcomm and Toolbox


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