Remote Working and VoIP


VOIP en oficinas

The modern office has changed over the last 2 decades

Thanks to innovations in technology like VoIP, many employees work from home, coffee shops, on the road or client sites. Your team members are scattered across the globe.

Communication is the key that holds a team together, whether they are real or virtual. Actually communication is even more important to a virtual team. When you lose the means to talk to someone face to face, you need other tools that can bridge the gap.

People who are part of virtual teams don’t have the luxury of simply getting up, walking over to a colleague and asking a question. While written communication like emails and messaging can help to a certain extent, real time communication channels like voice and video become more important.

This is where VoIP steps in. VoIP can help your virtual teams become more productive. It allows your employees to work on important tasks without wasting time wrangling with the phones or clearing out their email inbox.

Features like faster speed, greater reliability, better security and integration become the standard for VoIP, the service itself will become more mobile-friendly. With VoIP mobile, the possibilities for better business communication on-the-go and international and or remote communication will be virtually unlimited.

Megacall has been working for more than 9 years with a number of its clients, to help them open in various locations around the world with a simple “plug and play” communication cloud service, that enables them to install immediately in a unfamiliar environment from day one.

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