VoIP trends for 2018


Los retos de VoIP para 2018

These days, an increasing number of enterprises are choosing Voice over Internet Protocol technology because of the value it adds to their organizations.

Mobile VoIP

Industry experts have predicted that by the beginning of 2018, around 1 billion people will be using mobile VoIP. This is because an increasing number of employees are using mobile devices in and out of the workplace. In addition, the number of VoIP-based apps will also increase because 5G is on the horizon.

Faster networks will improve call quality

5G offers wireless speeds ten times faster than 4G, with more 5G mobile networks expected to go online in 2018, the quality of VoIP calls will get even better. This new mobile network will definitely empower more users to work remotely.

Voice assistants will get smarter

Thanks to improvements in language processing, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are getting better at interpreting simple commands and interacting directly with customers. Therefore voice bots can handle simple queries that would normally be found in FAQs, while customer service agents resolve more complicated issues.

Better integration

Most companies want to complete a multitude of tasks using just a handful of tools. This desire has paved the way for better integration capabilities with cloud-based platforms using application programming interfaces. These APIs are then used to connect software solutions such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management tools.

This is why you should consider VoIP migration your goal for 2018. As a specialist VoIP provider, we can help you with this process. Why wait?

Source: TechAdvisory 


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