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Display the number of the country you are calling and generate immediate trust among your customers and users.

Our list of Virtual Numbers covers all continents and major cities:
Madrid, Manhattan, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, etc…


Answer your calls from any phone (landline, mobile, VoIP and international).

Online Access

Customise and control your virtual phone number options.


Get excellent rates and services that adapted to your business.


If you are looking for ways to expand your business in other countries and want to do it simply and economically, Megacall can provide you with virtual numbers quickly and with flexibility.

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FROM 6.95 €/month

Set-up from 9.95€

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to French Call Traffic from 01/01/2021. Click for further info
* Pricing and Conditions may vary.


Configured to suit you. The customer can dial the desired number to refer incoming calls to the corresponding department.


Call Waiting

When a high volume of calls is received queue calls in a line, make the wait more fun with music or with relevant information for customers.

Virtual Switchboard

If you are talking or cannot access the phone, we will send the call to another destination of your choice. Ideal for out of hours wanting to forward missed calls to a mobile phone.


Online Call Statistics

See the calls you receive in your number in real time. We will even provide you with the CLI (phone number) of the caller so you know exactly who is calling you.


Call Forwarding

Divert your calls wherever you want, with the option to do so by time.

Call Whispering

When picking up a call, this service whispers information about the origin, language or department to which it is addressed. Knowing the details of the call before starting allows us to provide excellent customer service.


Call Recording

You have the option to record all calls by default or dial * 1 to record a specific call or part of the call. This service is perfect for companies that want to record calls for training and monitoring purposes.

Voice Mail

Customise your voice messages and receive them instantly in your email.

Faxes in your Email

Send and receive faxes in your email in PDF format through our platform.

CRM Integration

We can integrate your call service with your CRM so that with a simple click you can register the calls and make a record of customer data.

“They have advised us perfectly on the product that best suits our business model.”

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