Why do companies choose Megacall?

The quality of service we have received from Megacall has always been at the highest quality, as has their immediate response. When we have requested urgently international numbers we have received them within minutes rather than hours or days, and speed not being the only advantage with Megacall but they have found destinations we have not been able to source previously with other providers. All this enables our business to expand to other countries in very little time, and with the clients having the confidence to call us on local calls no matter where they are.

IT Director

Ebury | London, Brussels, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Málaga and Madrid

The level of service we received was really good! From the configuration details all the way to the troubleshooting steps, everything was prompt and to the point!
Thank you very much!

Kyriacos Georgiou | Systems Administrator - IT Support Manager

LODGIFY | Barcelona

Megacall’s excellent customer service and technical support are absolutely fantastic, giving us a response and solution within minutes every time we had a query. Responses were always in easy-to-understand plain English terms and any issue we couldn’t resolve on our end was always quickly fixed by them. We are very happy to have signed up with Megacall, and now recommend it to our clients as well.

Telecom Experts

Onedirect | Barcelona

“They have advised us perfectly on the product that best suits our business model.”

logo flexicar

Our customers need a quick and efficient service, so the communications are really important in our business. Tired of incidents or limitations imposed by recognized telephone operators to adapt to our needs, we decided to move our telephony system to Megacall three years ago. Now we can affirm that its services are excellent, thanks to a very professional technical support and a helpful customer service department they always adapt to our needs. Now we are confident to provide our customers a great service.

Managing Partner

Aclass | Madrid

Thank you so much for your support today with configuring my new number.

You did a splendid job and I am eternally grateful for your kindly assistance.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your day and thank you once again.


Philip Anderson | Company Secretary

All Shorts | Stoke-on-Trent

We are a company where 80-90% of our total outgoing calls are international and since we have been using Megacall we have a great balance between prices and quality.
I had some companies in these years offering me similar services but resulting in poor quality.

When talking to a client it’s very really important for us to not have line noise or volume fluctuations.
What I can tell you is that we have been working with them for the last 9 years now with 100% success – (including reducing our invoice costs up to 10%).

Martina Heynemann | Managing Partner

Your Viva | Marbella

As a 24/7 operation in a dynamic environment, we have been lucky to be able to rely on their support, which has been first class, including outside working hours.

logo flexicar

As our business has grown, contact has become ever more important for us. We reached a point where it was no longer possible for our Client Service Managers to manually maintain control of the large number of client enquiries that we were generating. Megacall helped us to implement the Megadialler quickly and efficiently and the results have been exceptional. We now speak to more a higher percentage of interested clients in a far shorter time than we did before. The equation is simple – more contact + faster contact + better reporting = happier clients + lower costs + more sales. Megadialer helped us quickly and painlessly.

Jon-Bennion Pedley | General Manager

Asset Folo | Marbella

Our company is growing rapidly, so we needed a new and better phone system to handle several markets around the world. We got MEGACALL recommended from a partner, they said MEGACALL would be the perfect choice since they would always deliver high class customer service and a professional phone system. Having been with MEGACALL for a year now, we can only agree, and we can only recommend MEGACALL to other companies. Their customer service is truly excellent.

IT Department

European Bartender School | Barcelona and Thailand

We work with the most advanced technology within the TeleMarketing sector. It allows us to adapt to our customers needs in a FLEXIBLE and EFFECTIVE way, minimizing costs and response times. Our Cloud Contact Center provider, MEGACALL, a leading company in the sector, help us to respond quickly to all our customers suggestions.

IT Department

Nexo Center | Jaén

We started working with Megacall almost by chance for a small project in one of the headquarters in Barcelona, 3 months later they became our main provider of VOIP telephony.

Obviously a change of provider of this type is given by the good call quality and the good prices offered to us. We were also surprised by the facilities that we found to start calling with Megacall, thanks in large part to the technical department that demonstrated to know perfectly how to answer our questions and gave us a solution in order to not have to modify the way we work.

To the question if I would recommend working with Megacall I have no doubt, I think it has been a great change to use their services and that’s why I totally recommend them.

Antoni Gabriel

Delta Corporate | Barcelona

In these challenging times we all need to make sure that we are calling out the companies that are going above and beyond to help.

We use the virtual telephony capabilities provided by Megacall, we have always been impressed by their technical capabilities, support and pricing. However since #covid-19 hit Spain they have upped their game even further!! Helping us to move our capabilities from our offices to our homes and have also understood our need lower cost.

A huge thank you to the Megacall team, especially to Jose Burgos in support.

If you need good quality international calling capability, at a sensible price backed up by first class support then this company should be on your list.

Managing Team

Five Real Estate | Orihuela, Alicante

Costa del Sol Christie’s International Real Estate is a high-end real estate business with great responsibilities representing a brand like CHRISTIE´S who heavily rely on its overseas client base. 

So it was imperative when choosing a telecommunications operator it had to be with international quality and reliability, and who had the experience in this field.  We are delighted with the results and as the business grows, we look forward to incorporating more of their services.

IT Department

Christie´s International Real Estate | Marbella

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