Why small business and start-ups choose VoIP



Start-Ups and Small Business need VoIP

Most companies in the world are small business and start-ups companies, places filled with enthusiasm, energy and new ideas. As Forbes has reported, 90 percent of startups fail, so to be successful they need every available tool at their disposal, especially new technologies.

Modern office phone systems are usually VoIP enabled, making the decision to adopt VoIP easy for new companies or start-ups. While many think of VoIP as just a phone service, the technology provides startup companies with a wide-range of communication services. Small business and start-ups companies are discovering they can switch to VoIP quickly and cost-effectively to take advantage of its multiple benefits:

  • Integration: VoIP enables the customer to integrate software programs such as CRM, email, fax and remote conferencing… VoIP phones also make easier work from home or from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Scalability & flexibility: They don’t just eliminate the cost of installation. The companies also become more versatile, able to make fast changes without incurring huge costs.
  • Tips and tricks: Ability to develop new features that customers request. For example, popular tools like barge in, whisper, call recording…
  • Much more…

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Sources: Searchforcloud, Cisco


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