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With our Virtual Switchboard.

Our Virtual Switchboard will allow you to be connected to your customers and employees at all times. Whether in the office, away, or working from home.

Connect and make calls from the device of your choice:


No Commitment

You can be with us as long as you want, without ties of any kind. We work hard to keep clients happy.

Technical Support

We will guide you step by step so you can start using all the advantages of the Virtual Switchboard as soon as possible.

Fast Set Up

You will be able to manage your calls on your computer, mobile phone and landline quickly from anywhere.


Megacall provides a fully customised Virtual Switchboard software for all companies. No matter the size of your business, our services adapt to the needs of each client.

Tools for working from home

A complete guide on how to start working remotely.

Work schedule software.
From your phone.

Remember that even working from home, employees must record their workday. With the Work Schedule Software workers will be able to record their schedule by phone, so it doesn’t matter where they are located.


The price to start using this service is 9.95€/month plus VAT.


Register as many employees as you need, there are no limits.

Work Time Reports

Display the list of employees with their time of entry and exit.


This software allows companies to keep a digital record of their workers’ schedules. Also, this new service helps you to comply correctly with the Law that requires companies to make a record of their employees’ working hours.

Video Conferencing.

If you are a 3CX client you will be able to use their Video conferencing technology. It is very easy to use and there is no need to download and install any additional software or plugins on your computer. In case you want to use it from your smartphone, you will need to download the 3CX WebMeeting application. With the 3CX Video Conference option you can create, schedule, manage and join ad-hoc conference calls.

Need IP Phones and Headsets?

You can choose the ones that meet your needs.

I want to start working remotely.

If you want to start working remotely, please fill in the following form. We will contact you and explain everything in detail, so that you can start enjoying all its advantages as soon as possible.