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How Smart Businesses Avoid the Top 5 VoIP Complaints


Interesting article from Toolbox about how to avoid the to 5 VoIP Complaints.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services are an increasingly powerful way to maintain call quality while lowering costs. As Yaniv Masjedi writes, technology advancements have facilitated higher “customer satisfaction and customer service rates” than ever before. Quality complaints decrease each year, particularly if brands take a smart approach to selecting VoIP vendors and implementing the technology at their business.

However, some brands still report call quality concerns that can lead to an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with their telephony services. According to Telco Marketing Director Mathieu McCuaig, the top five VoIP complaints from customers are the following:

1.    Not receiving calls
2.    No dial tone
3.    Choppy call quality
4.    An echo on calls
5.    Call static

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