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How to keep safe your business using a VoIP system

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Interesting article from Toolbox about how to keep safe your business using a VoIP system:

For companies that rely on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to communicate, a power failure or Internet outage can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue and hours of compromised productivity. The causes of a VoIP outage range from a loss of power at a data center to glitches in Internet connectivity. But while it’s impossible to avoid outages altogether, there are steps enterprises can take to ensure business continuity. Here’s how:

1. Create a back-up plan

A battery backup is critical to keeping companies up and running in the event of a VoIP outage. The good news is a battery backup that connects to a relatively low-power UPS (uninterruptible power supply). A perfect solution for a small business.

2. Keep your PSTN

Companies can connect their VoIP system to the PSTN by using a VoIP gateway which acts as a bridge between an IP network and the PSTN. When a network connection goes down, the VoIP gateway will automatically decompress all of a VoIP system’s inbound and outbound calls and convert these digital packets into an analog signal to be sent across the PSTN.

3. Cherry pick providers

Many companies choose to work with multiple VoIP service providers. For one thing, this strategy supports least-cost routing, enabling businesses to choose different providers to deliver different types of traffic, depending on which one offers the lowest rate possible for outbound calls. But a multi-provider approach to VoIP also means that if one service provider experiences an outage in its data center, a VoIP system can be trained to automatically flip over to another provider’s service for seamless redundancy.

4. Consider hot spares

Never underestimate the power of hot spares – failover mechanisms that leap into action when a VoIP system encounters a problem.

5. Keep it in-house

With an on-premise VoIP system, a large enterprise can simply roll over to a PSTN. On the other hand, if a hosted VoIP system encounters a power failure, many companies will find themselves at the mercy of a third party’s actions.

6. Get it in ink

A carefully crafted service level agreement (SLA) can’t prevent an outage but it can minimize damages.

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