Megasound - Megacall


Professional telecom audio for your phone system

Nowadays, businesses need a quick, cost effective and simple way to get custom message on hold announcements.

Why use professional telecom audio?

Handling calls efficiently should be coupled with giving the best audio impression to callers. Badly self-recorded routing or on-hold announcements can affect your business image.

Hold time is gold time

When your callers are waiting on hold they’re a captive audience. Playing them silence or plain music is wasting an opportunity to tell them more about your business. Information on hold can include new products or services, web sites details, special offers, opening times, etc.


  • 350+ tunes
    We have over 350 Royalty Paid backing tracks
  • Over 150 voice actors
    We have over 150 Professional Voice Actors. Spanish and English
  • Easy scripts wizards
    Our Script Wizards and easy suggestions help you
  • Vouchers
    Our all-inclusive vouchers can be purchased at any time

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We also have a starter pack

  • 12€ per recording
  • Recorded by a member of our team
  • 2 languages: Spanish or English

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