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Why should we use virtual numbers?


Virtual numbers are a very useful way for marketing companies to create awareness and accessibility to their business abroad or even in other parts of your own country which due to local competitiveness may show resistance from another province. If you wish to market your business overseas the best way is to give a local number related with that country that can be directed to your local office. This generates confidence to your costumers giving them the easy and cheap option to contact you with a national or geographic number of their area. We all are unwilling to make international calls because of the supposed high cost, which in reality is not always the case. To get a national number in some countries as Germany and Italy it may be necessary to obtain documents for example utility bills to prove destination, however in many countries there is no requirement.

Internet has renovated telecommunications. One of its huge advances was the Internet telephony (VoIP) which has improved the use of virtual numbers. VoIP allows you to connect a virtual number with a VoIP account free in order to make and receive calls overseas. So you could carry out sales campaigns in other countries and the number you show to your customers will be a national number relating to the country you are calling.

Our successful recipe is a blend of trust, flexibility and friendly customer service.

Another complementary service is whispering which we will talk about in our next session. Are you ready for it?


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