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Virtual numbers

Whether you want to market your business nationally or internationally, virtual numbers gives you a presence in almost every corner of the earth. Whisper service can be added to help you recognise the origin of the inbound number.

Megacall can provide virtual numbers to clients giving them the opportunity to centralise their business in one location but give a presence in numerous locations. Our portfolio of phone numbers covers all continents and almost all major cities.

For example, you can purchase a number from Madrid, Manhattan, Sydney and/or Rio de Janeiro and have them all ringing in to your existing phone line, mobile or switchboard anywhere in the world.

9.95€ / £9.95 set up

6.95€ / £6.95 per month
  • Flexibility: Receive your calls on any device (landline, mobile, VoIP, international)
  • Online access: Personalise and control the options for your virtual number
  • Savings: Cost saving tariffs

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Make the most of your virtual numbers with the following services:

Fax to Email
Have all your faxes sent to your existing email address so that you can store them, access them anywhere, forward them or delete them. Our fax to email service converts the fax to a PDF document so that you can open it on any computer.

Call Whispering
This service allows us to announce the call to you when you pick up the phone. A message is played to you so that you know exactly what the call is for. For example you may work from home and want to differentiate between business calls and personal calls. When a customer calls you on a number we supply we can play a message, which tells you that the call is for your business, for example “This is a call for your business name”. Once the message is announced to you the call is connected and you can answer. The message played to you can be any message that you tell us and the person calling the number will not notice any difference to the call.

Call Recording (for inbound calls)
Have your inbound calls recorded and then forwarded to you by email. You can either record all calls or press * to start recording a call. This service is perfect for companies who want to record calls for training purposes. The recording is converted to a .wav file and emailed to your email address. Provided your computer has speakers you can listen to the call at the comfort of your desk.

IVR (also known as auto attendant)
“Thank you for your call please press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts or 3 for billing”. You provide us with the options you need and where you want the calls to go and we build the service for you. All the menus are professionally recorded or you can record your own options. You can have as many options as you wish but please spare a thought for the person calling you.

Call Queueing
Will you receive lots of calls on your number and do you have enough lines to take the calls? If not we can queue people calling you before the call hits your site. You can determine how many people you want to have in the queue, what music you want to play and if you want them to know what position they are in the queue. As soon as you finish the call that you are on we pass the next call to you. It´s as simple as that.

Virtual Switchboard
If you are on the phone or can’t get to the phone we will route the call to another destination of your choice. Ideal for companies who are out on the road and want to forward missed calls to a mobile phone.

Online Call Stats
View calls that you are receiving on your number(s) in real time. We will even provide you with the caller’s CLI (phone number) so that you know exactly who is calling you.

Time of Day Routing
Have your calls routed to your office during working hours and then route them to your mobile or home out of hours (or have an out of hours message played to your customers with a voicemail facility)

If you can’t get to the phone or the call comes in out of hours we will take a voicemail and forward it to your computer as a .wav file meaning you can listen to it when you get back to your desk.

If you have a requirement that is not mentioned above, you can call or email us and explain what you need – we enjoy a challenge. Give us a call.

Integration is available on request by our in house development department to make your CRM and Megacall work in harmony so that you can have out bound calls with a simple “click to dial” and inbound going to data records.

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