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When it comes to B2B sales, your business growth is only as successful as your customers experience, because even today one phone call can make or break the deal. Keeping your customers happy is incremental to driving your revenue. Our team aims to make the sales process of our services memorable at every point, from customer support to installation. It’s complex, yet simple: It’s all about making a complex service made easy.

Our approach combines a friendly customer support for your clients, tailor made to their business necessities. Megacall will arrange training and multichannel support to make sure you receive a positive experiences at every step where you become a valued independent member of our team.

Megacall offer a varied package depending on your preferences and what is important is that when you do hand over clients they stay so that you continue to receive your commissions for many years to come. This is not just commercial talk its fact. Megacall have no binding contract and high retention rates, with many clients still with Megacall after nine years.

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  • Megacall is a virtual one-stop shop for business and wholesale telephony services
  • Build and manage your own low cost, flexible and reliable Cloud packages,  with as much or as little support from our professional team as you require
  • We offer Low Cost, Simple and Flexible Solutions

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