VoIP Makes Communication More Flexible

Making Communication More Flexible In a fast moving business environment you need to know that your telco provider can move fast to provide you with new solutions to suit your growth and new demands. That’s why… [+]

Remote Working and VoIP

The modern office has changed over the last 2 decades Thanks to innovations in technology like VoIP, many employees work from home, coffee shops, on the road or client sites. Your team members are scattered… [+]

Benefits of VoIP for Customer Service

Benefits of VoIP for Customer Service Nowadays, the telephone system will be crucial in achieving business success. More companies are investing in VoIP to optimize their customer service processes. This technology lets businesses answer more calls,… [+]

Important – Changes to the Law regarding Landlines

Changes to the Law regarding Landlines CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia), The regulator in Spain officially notified in the BOE, on the 17th January 2017, informing Telefónica is suspending services to… [+]

The dialer improves call centres efficiency

Being in control of your fast moving business is essential especially with multiple projects so this will give you what you need to stay in control The dialer connects already answered calls to agents, which… [+]

4 VoIP features that will make business landlines obsolete

VoIP is increasing in popularity Thanks to the convenience and cost savings offered by VoIP, most of businesses are saying goodbye to traditional landline services. The increased demand is creating trends that will force rapid… [+]

Celebrate Saint Patrick with Megacall

Celebrate Saint Patrick with Megacall Free set up with all our services from 15th until 31st March!

Megacall press release in collaboration with Onedirect

Megacall (trading as Phoenix Solutions S.L.) has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Onedirect This agreement provides customers with a streamlined process when purchasing a complete VoIP phone solution. Neither company is a stranger to… [+]

Benefits of VoIP CRM integration

Have you thought of integrating VoIP and CRM? If you do, you will soon see the benefits of this integration. A growing number of businesses are looking at VoIP’s productivity and efficiency benefits and are… [+]

Santa recommends for your business…

Megacall is a telecommunications company that understands how to make your business life more efficient: Feature-rich and future-proof solutions Low cost calls Same day setup and NO contract required As much or as little technical… [+]

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