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VoIP system is about more than a cost-savings

As a communications tool, it provides flexibility and reliability. As a collaboration tool, it empowers mobility and productivity. All these combined provide businesses key advantages that help them be scalable and competitive. Below are three… [+]

cloud communications benefit

Industries that can benefit from Cloud Communications

Cloud communications are quickly expanding through businesses in all industries. Education, real estate and hospitality organizations are just a few of the industries that can benefit.  Education A university with cloud-based communications will often be… [+]

Cloud Communications has become essential for Contact Centres

The call centers are platforms for the customers and agents to make an interaction and lead to some solution fulfilling the customer needs. Contact centre operations have evolved tremendously over the past decade, and increasingly… [+]

Malaga based Telco Megacall and world leader ZOHO CRM bring order to Spanish business.

Megacall a global provider of cloud based telephony and integrated services announced today in conjunction with Zoho CRM the integration of Megacall’ call service and features, within the Zoho CRM platform. “Adding Zoho CRM to… [+]

What’s going to power the evolution of VoIP?

VoIP industry has been growing in profitability and importance since the 1990s, accompanied by more efficiency and greater reach. Its market is becoming more attuned to its advantages, including new features, mobile VoIP and Unified Communications… [+]

5 VoIP trends in 2019

2019 will be an important year in the evolution of VoIP technology For years, VoIP has been an efficient technology that leverages existing networks to deliver an enhanced form of telephony. VoIP has been recognized… [+]

Choosing your SIP provider: make the right decision

Digital transformation is changing how we communicate. SIP is a foundational voice protocol for this evolution and will remain relevant with the introduction of advances such as unified communications. SIP trunking it is a cost-effective and feature-rich… [+]

5 reasons to move your business phone to the Cloud

Companies increasingly adopt collaborative communication solutions that bring together all the essential elements of business communications, including voice, messaging, videoconferencing and contact center, into a single easy-to-use solution. It is almost a near certainty that you… [+]

Use Virtual Numbers for increasing productivity this summer

Spending time away from the office will provide a refreshing break. However you will need to handle important business calls and Virtual Numbers can give your business national or international presence. Call Forwarding One way to… [+]

How integrated VoIP and CRM can help entrepreneurs

Integration takes CRM and VoIP to a new level of service Calls can be made directly from customer records. Customer service have a one-click connection to a customer while every piece of information about the… [+]

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